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olsen & magnan

navigating Life’s transitions, from prenups to partings

divorce & separation

Guiding you through divorce or separation with expertise, ensuring fair property division and support arrangements tailored to your unique situation.

premarital agreements

Expert counsel in drafting and reviewing premarital agreements, helping couples establish a solid foundation for their future together.


Facilitating productive dialogues during disputes, ensuring all parties feel heard and understood.  Let our mediation expertise pave the way for collaborative resolutions tailored to individual needs.

Child custody & visitation

Helping parents establish and navigate custody agreements and visitation schedules that prioritize the best interests of their children.

spousal & child support

Ensuring that financial arrangements, whether for spouses or children, are fair and in alignment with current laws and individual circumstances.

post-judgment modifications

Assisting with changes to existing court orders due to evolving circumstances, such as alterations in income, living situations, or child-related needs.

Domestic violence & restraining orders

Providing sensitive and swift legal action in situations requiring protection or defense against allegations, always prioritizing safety and well-being.

At Olsen & Magnan, Callan Olsen and Jordan Magnan combine compassionate legal expertise with genuine advocacy to support clients through pivotal moments in family life.  Specializing in everything from premarital agreements to intricate divorce proceedings, we’re deeply rooted in serving Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and San Mateo counties, with expertise in premarital agreements that extends across California.  Our firm goes beyond traditional legal counsel; we aim to be a source of empathy and understanding as you navigate personal challenges. 

 Anchored by the seasoned expertise of Callan and Jordan, we understand that every legal challenge is intertwined with personal dreams, aspirations, and histories.  We balance our comprehensive legal knowledge with a sincere recognition of the emotional dimensions of family law.  At Olsen & Magnan, our focus extends beyond legal solutions; we’re dedicated to guiding clients towards a future that aligns with their unique goals and well-being.


our guiding principles

At Olsen & Magnan, our core beliefs shape every facet of our practice.  Rooted in a deep understanding of the nuanced challenges our clients face, we’ve built our philosophy around three key pillars: a client-centered approach that places your needs at the forefront; compassionate and empathetic counsel that recognizes the emotional weight of family legal matters; and collaborative, effective representation that prioritizes constructive resolutions.  These principles guide us in our mission to provide unwavering support and trusted legal guidance to every individual we serve.


client-centered approach


compassionate & empathetic counsel


collaborative & effective representation

let’s discuss your needs

Every family’s journey is unique.  Schedule a consultation with Olsen & Magnan to discuss your specific needs and concerns.  Let Callan Olsen and Jordan Magnan guide you with clarity and understanding.  Reach out today and let’s begin your path to resolution.

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Client Reviews

“Listened patiently, communicated clearly, and was always highly responsive… friendly, professional, and has a good sense of humor.”
“amazing from the start… made me feel like i had a voice and provided invaluable guidance.  Helped us work out a custody issue and kept the kids out of court.”
“extremely helpful, responsive, and great to work with!  made me feel valued and was very attentive to my questions and needs.”

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